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Each JAR is free from preservatives,refined sugar and palm oil. 


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Vanilla and macadamia nut butter

Espresso nut butter

Cacao and hazelnut butter

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Our Roots

Developing our

(well-travelled) recipes:

B (founder) has loved nut butters from a young age, being vegan she was conscious to ensure that she obtained high protein foods where possible. The journey all started when B was travelling South East Asia, travelling inspired her passion to create jars of goodness that were free from all the nasties.

B and her partner and visited a remote town in Northern Thailand called Pai, an area with outstanding natural beauty. In Pai, they spent time with the Lisu hill tribe and were fortunate to be able to watch them make nut butter. The Lisu hill tribe would roast peanuts over an open fire and then grind the peanuts using small rocks, this method gave the peanut butter a delicious smoked flavour. B was inspired to explore further the methods and ingredients which can be used to produce different flavours and enhance the taste of my nut butters. B later travelled to Jamaica (family origins) and found that unrefined coconut oil, extracted from the white kernel of fresh and mature coconuts was a popular ingredient used in a lot of recipes. B was inspired to replace oil with unrefined coconut oil in one of her recipes which yielded a much richer texture. B also spent some time in Ibiza and discovered a love for high quality vanilla extract, high in antioxidants and a great anti-inflammatory, also, adding intense indulgent flavor which compliments the smokey flavor of our expertly roasted macadamia nuts.

These adjustments over the years have now created an unforgettable experience each pot of pure goodness provides.



Our food philosophy: We guarantee that all of our ingredients are sustainably sourced and that our jars of nut butter are free from additives, preservatives and palm oil. Working to deliver the right small batch of goodness for you. PURE, RAW AND LOCAL.

We have developed three delicious recipes to ensure that you receive the unique health benefits of the different ingredients.

Developing our brand:

The name BNUTZ originates simply from the founders name ‘B’ and the swing on the connotation from nuts to nutZ is to reflect her quirky personality!

Many people wouldn't believe how the butters can be so complimentary to a variety of different dishes. WHY NUT GIVE IT A TRY? YOU’D BNUTZ NOT TO!


Premium Nut butter.

Pure,smooth and local


Delivering a small batch of goodness MADE JUST for you.

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