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Our Roots

Hello! My name is Bianca, or most of you will know me as B.

I am passionate about cooking, healthy living and being environmentally conscious.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) whilst at university and often experienced debilitating bloating and abdominal pain which was aggravated by certain foods. Through research, I found that I was able to relieve my symptoms by eliminating processed and refined foods from my diet.

I have followed a plant-based diet for many years and I love to share my knowledge of its benefits with others to show how it can significantly contribute to healthy living.

My BNUTZ nut butters complement a plant-based diet and can be combined with other foods to ensure enough protein is consumed.

My background in mental health nursing has proven how important it is to have a diet free from additives, preservatives and one which is rich in nutrients antioxidants and super foods. Food is not only how we fuel our bodies, it is also how we fuel our mind which ultimately effects everything in our lives.   
After years of research and continually collecting recipes I finally get to share them all with you xx